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Sire: "Zenchel Stormy Weather [AI]"
Dam: "Champion Belcharm Molly of Lawnwood [IMP UK]" 

DOB: 11/3/2006 - 7/2/2017

"Life without you will be one dull Party, but the party will continue old mate wherever we are"
Sire: "Champion Strangways Billie Black"
Dam: "Champion Belcharm Molly of Lawnwood [IMP UK]"
16/9/2004 - 2/9/2015

A grand old lady, a great brood bitch, & a true friend, you live on in your Daughters, Grand Daughters & Grandsons 

 'Now gone, - but never ever will be forgotten'



"The Southern Highlands of New South Wales" 



 **Australia ** 

the home of

"Majoley Labrador Retrievers" 
are Registered Breeders
Member Number: 2000254980
I therefore abide by the guidelines set out for the
'Care' & 'Management' of 'Keeping' & 'Breeding' dogs
I adhere to the 
'Code of Ethics' of 'DOGS NSW'



'I am also proud to be a  

'New South Wales Local Government' 


'Breeding Facility' 




"Record of Registration"


"Business Name"

Business name information for:

Majoley Labrador Retrievers


This Record of Registration contains information recorded on the Australian

Securities and Investments Commission's (ASIC) register under section 33(8) of the

Business Names Registration Act 2011.

Date: 23 October 2014
Next renewal date: 23 October 2017


Record of registration issued by the Australian Securities and Investments

Commission on 23 October 2014

•• ABN: 99 582 698 377 ••
" * I have owned "Labrador Retrievers" for 58 years * " 
" * Have had the honour of breeding this great dog over the past 27 yrs * "
I am only one of a small number of NSW Local Government Approved

Note: It is important to view each parent if possible as well as the kennels

where you select your puppy.

It is also strongly recommended to view the environment where the litter is born and raised

I consider it an honour & a pleasure to own one of the gentlest, intelligent, most versatile breed of dog




Where my motto is 

"Loyalty is a Labrador"


Please take your time in viewing my Website

& leave a comment in our "Visitors to Majoley Labs" Section, if you wish 





"Majoley King of The Mountain [AI]" & "Majoley Limited Edition [AI]"
 Sire: "Badgersleigh Major Tom Berolee" [IMP UK]" Dam: "Majoley Touch Omagic"

Photo's of above Male puppies @ 7 1/2 weeks of age

Above Male puppies are Full Brothers to

"Majoley Dare To Dream [AI]" [Molly]
"Majoley Ive Got Attitude [AI] [Monkey]

& Half Brothers to
"Majoley Dare To Dance [AI]" [Jazz]


Above Liver/Chocolate Male @ 7 1/2 weeks of age 
Sire: "Blackhills Wyatt Earp [AI] [IMP NZ]" x Dam: "Majoley In T Nick Otime"


"Majoley An Aussie I Am [EXPORTED AUSTRALIA]"
Sire: "Blackhills Wyatt Earp [AI] [IMP NZ]" Dam: "Majoley Touch Ov Class"

Photo of above Male puppy @ 7 1/2 weeks



 "Majoley Rebel Without A Cause [AI]"
Sire: "Blackhills Wyatt Earp [AI] [IMP NZ]" Dam: "Majoley In T Nick Otime"

Photo of above Male puppy @ 7 1/2 weeks


"Majoley Great Expectations"& "Majoley Destiny's Child"
Sire: "Ch Tapeatom Headliner [IMP Canada]" Dam: "Majoley Destiny"

Photo of above Male [Left] & Female [Right] puppies @ 5 1/2 weeks



"Majoley Mack The Knife [AI]" [Mack] DOB: 5/1/2015

Sire: "NZ Ch Kroppsmarkens Simply The Best [IMP Sweden]"
Dam: "Blackhills Arsenic N Old Lace [IMP NZ]"

Photo of above Male puppy @ 7 weeks of age

& Litter sister below

"Majoley Keep the Faith [AI]" [Lilly] DOB: 5/1/2015

Sire: "NZ Ch Kroppsmarkens Simply The Best [IMP Sweden]"
Dam: "Blackhills Arsenic N Old Lace [IMP NZ]"

Photo of above Female puppy 'Lilly' @ 7 weeks of age, who now
resides at "Lacote Labrador Retrievers" Arcadia NSW


" 2017 -31 yr old Ornamental Standard Grafted Weeping Cherry"
in our garden

Top photo: Spring Time in the NSW Southern Highlands

Bottom photo: Autumn in the NSW Southern Highlands 



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