"Majoley Labradors" - sold to other Breeders"

Sire: "BIS BISS Ch Eneleon Tigers Eye [IMP UK]" Dam: "Gunnislake Moonshadow"
DOB: 24/8/2008

Hips: 1/3, Elbows: 0/0,
Sarah's father & Grandmother on her Mothers side, hold Optigen [USA] Normal/Clear Eye Certificates
 Chroma Gen Coat Colour,
Gen Test [USA] Type V, DNA: [BB-ee [Y] Carries Black & Yellow, does not carry Chocolate [28/5/2010] 

Above photo - Sarah at 5 months of age

Below photo - Sarah with her first litter of 8 Yellow puppies
DOB: July 2010 @ 4 days of age,  @ 7 weeks of
by "Riverlea That's Gold [AI] [IMP NZ]" owned by "Riverlands Labrador Retrievers" NSW



 "Sarah" was sold in July 2011,  to Jude Tankard of "Spiritrock Labrador Retrievers" from Tamworth NSW.


Sire : BIS BISS CH ENELON TIGERS EYE [IMP UK] [Yellow] Hips: 0/0, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen Normal/Clear

S: Cricklecreek Cruising Along [UK] [Black]

S: Rocheby Navy Blue [UK] [Black]

D: Cricklecreek Chiff Chaff [UK]

D: Trendlewood Ruby Tuesday [UK] [Yellow]

S: Lembas To The Moon and Back [UK] [Yellow]

D: Trendlewood Double Silk [UK]

Dam : GUNNISLAKE MOONSHADOW [BLACK] Hips: 0/2, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Dam is Optigen A1, EIC: Clear

S: Champion Gunnislake Ima Showoff [Yellow] Hips: 3/1, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes:Optigen Normal/Clear

S: NZ Champion Aust Champion Strongline's Hooligan [IMP Fin] [Yellow] Hips: 5/4, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen Normal/Clear

D: Champion Gunnislake Roulette [Yellow] Hips: 0/1. Elbows: 0/0

D: Champion Gunnislake Kashmir Lace [Black] Hips: 5/6, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen A1

S: Grand Champion Jayncourt Sentimental Guy [U03] [IMP UK] [Yellow] Hips: 7/5, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen A1

D: Champion Gunnislake India [Black] Hips: 5/6. Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen A1











Sire: "Zenchel Stormy Weather [AI]" Dam: "Majoley Magic Happens"
DOB: 27/7/20

Hips: 2/2, Elbows: 0/0, PRA: Carrier, EIC: Affected
Chroma Gen Coat Colour, Gen Test [USA] Type III, DNA Bb-EE [Bc] Carries Black & Chocolate, does not carry Yellow] [28/5/2010]

Above photo's - Magic at 12 months

Below Photo: Magic with her first litter of 10 Black & Chocolate puppies
DOB: 27th August [email protected] 4 days of age, & 6 weeks of age,  
by "Blackhills Wyatt Earp [AI] [IMP NZ]", owned by "Majoley Labrador Retrievers" NSW





 "Magic" was sold in November 2011 to Jayne Short of "Loyalvalley Labrador Retrievers" from Batemans Bay, NSW


Sire : ZENCHEL STORMY WEATHER [AI] [Black/c] Hips: 4/6, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: PRA Clear, EIC: Affected

S: American Champion Weathertop El Nino [USA] [Black] Hips: OFA Good, Elbows: Clear

S: American, Canadian, Dutch Champion Beechcrofts Regal Air [Black] Hips: OFA Excellent, Elbows: Clear

D: American Champion Beechcrofts Weathertop Wind [Black] Hips: OFA Good, BVA 2/2, Elbows: OFA Normal

D: Champion Charway Ballyclover [IMP UK] [Black/c] Hips: 2/3, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal/Clear, EIC: Affected

S: English Champion Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway [UK] [Black/c] Hips: 1/1, Elbows: 0/1

D: Charway Ballylace [UK] [Black] Hips: 5/4, Elbows: 0/1

Dam : MAJOLEY MAGIC HAPPENS [Chocolate/y] [Hips: 1/3, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: PRA Carrier

S: Chablais Labraddell Connaisseur [IMP Canada] [Chocolate/y] Hips: 4/2, Elbows: 1/0, Eyes: Optigen, Normal/Clear, EIC: Clear

S: Canadian Champion Chablais Momento [Canada] [Chocolate] Hips: OFA LR-91873G243F LR-EL7352

D: Canadian Champion Chablais Celeste [Chocolate] Hips: OFA LR-137522G24F LR-EL20837F 24

D: Majoley Touch Omagic [Chocolate/y] Hips: 0/2, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: PRA Carrier, EIC: Carrier

S: Champion Strangways Billie Black [Black/c/y] Hips: 2/2, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen Normal/Clear, EIC: Carrier

D: Champion Belcharm Molly of Lawnwood [IMP UK] [Chocolate] Hips: 1/3, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Optigen Carrier



Contact Details

Miss Sharan Burnley
Bayview, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0499516487
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