" Taking Puppy Home & Toilet Training "

When transporting your Labrador puppies home, you only need a towel to put on the floor at the front passengers feet. If you are coming alone then you will need a crate.

Your Labrador puppy needs to learn to ride in different places in your vehicles. If you have a  Station Wagon / 4 WD, they need to learn ride in the very back, on the back seat & on the passengers side floor in the front of the vehicle.

If you only have a sedan a "Back Seat Buddy" available from Pet Barn or large Pet Stores, which is like a sling & zippers together for easy washing, is the full width of the car & has 4 loop adjustable straps which attach around the head rests in the front & rear seats, is a great investment.

Your Labrador puppy cannot fall onto the floor like he can if riding on the back seat without this.

I have one in the back seat of my Volvo Wagon, which when going shopping holds lots of groceries & I am not worried if I have to stop in a hurry, that everything is going to end up on the floor behind the front seats.

My big Labrador boy "Sam" loves it, & goes to sleep laying on his back with all of his legs in the air snoring his head off, & I almost have to drag him out when I get home.

As it is fairly thick material, & if Sam has had a swim he doesn't get the seat underneath saturated.

The first few nights with your Labrador puppy can be stressful for all, so my suggestion is to make sure your puppy is still actively running around when everyone is ready for bed, not just waking up from a nap Put it in its sleeping quarters with its supper & toys that it has not seen [& keep those toys just for bed time], have a radio playing on an all night talk back station with music, & made sure that your puppy has been to the toilet.

If your Labrador puppy cries get up & take it outside to the toilet but don't play with the puppy. Put it on your chosen spot, speak your chosen toilet word i.e Wizzies, Toilet etc, & when your puppy does what it has been put out for [don't forget the praise, but don't get your puppy excited], take it back to its bed & go back to bed yourself.

If your Labrador puppy cries again within a few minutes or up to 1/2 hr of puting it back to bed, ignore it, as it will have you exactly where it wants you & you will be up all night every night.

If you get up yourself later to go to the bathroom put your puppy outside again & follow above procedure.

Sleeping your Labrador puppy in a crate & following the above will toilet train it fairly quickly, as it will soon learn [& so will you] the "I need to go out call", as they do not like to foul their sleeping area.

Don't leave water in the crate with your puppy or you will have a very soggy bed.

If you take your Labrador puppy out the same door each time, & walk to door & ask them do they want to go out,  & if they come to you, take them out. That way they will learn how to let you know when they need to go out.

If accidents happen, [& they will] & you are on hand  don't scold, pick puppy up quickly [don't frighten it] & just take outside to its spot & more than likely it may go again if you have been quick enough in the picking up department, & if it goes don't forget the praise, & heaps of it. Make out it has just found gold & you are so excited & pleased & proud of it.


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