" Gone but never Forgotten " Dogs & Horses

5/12/1993 - 24/10/2008
Photo at 111/2 yrs of age


Through life's journey we took a ride,
The times you spent by my side,
You were always there as my best friend,
But we knew one day, there would be an end,
Heavens doors are open, just walk through the gates,
In this Animal Kingdom, sunshine awaits,
To a place you can run free, never grow old,
A world full of freedom, rivers of gold,
Towards the rainbow, you can play and run,
Or in the green fields, you relax in the sun,
Under the trees, just rest in the shade,
As this is the place, where dreams are made,
No pain or suffering exists in this place,
Only fields of endless happiness, butterflies you chase,
Beyond the hills, you lead your friends,
As my broken heart tries to mend, 
When I light a candle, and whisper your name,
This shall become forever, an endless flame,
When you look down from pet heaven, see tears on my cheek,
Make me strong, day by day, week by week,
When I look amongst the stars for you,
I can see you shining in heaven, it's true,
Just wait for me, I'll see you one day,
But now my friend, just relax or play...


"Australian Champion Belcharm Molly of Lawnwood [IMP UK]"

13/8/1998 to 13/6/2006
Photo @ 21months of age

 HIPS: 1/3, ELBOWS: 0/0


Lightly shown bitch winning under Overseas, Local and Interstate Judges.
Her show career was cut short due to a long illness in my family.

Molly was the winner of the Intermediate Bitch Class at the First National Labrador Retriever Championship Show in Sydney 2000. The judge Mrs Carol Coode (UK) said this....... "Very nice chocolate youngster, has style and scope, good eye to coat colour, very pleasing head, deep chest well ribbed back, well angulated front and rear quarters. Free and easy movement covered the ground well on good legs and feet, in good coat".

Molly is excellent type with an outstanding temperament, which she reproduces in her puppies.

Her Pedigree is Black and Chocolate for five generations at least.

Ch. Belcharm Molly of Lawnwood (IMP UK) and Lawnwoods Hot n'Tot (IMP UK) of "Gunnislake Labradors" (sire of Grand Ch. Gunnislake Tippler Jack), are out of litter sisters and have the same sire.

A special thank you to Elizabeth Gent of "Gunnislake Labradors" for selecting Molly as a baby puppy in England and campaigning her during her short show career.

Unfortunately I had to have Molly put down on 13th June 2006 with Stomach Cancer.
She is sorely missed by all who new her, she was a great friend.

Molly left me with a legacy in her progeny - Daughter "Majoley Touch Omagic", Son "Majoley Top Hat N Tails", Granddaughters "Majoley Magic Happens","Majoley Dare to Dream", "Majoley Dare To Dance", "Majoley Ive Got Attitude" & Great Granddaughter "Majoley Touch Ov Class" to name a few


Sire : BRANDHAMS Show Stopper (UK) (Black) S: Boothgates Kountry Kraft (Chocolate) S: Boothgates Krazy Kaper (Chocolate)
D: Boothgates Mascot (Black)
D: Brandhams Hot Choice for Oulsmi (Black) S: Lindall Marcus at Donalbain (Chocolate)
D: Boothgates Hot Scoop for Brandham (Black)
Dam : LAWNWOOD'S Hot Cocoa (UK) (Chocolate) S: Lougin Lancer (Black) S: Sh. Ch. Blondella Balance (Black)
D: Lougin Nut Cluster (Chocolate)
D: Hurdy Gurdy Lady Choc Chip at Lawnwood (Chocolate) S: Ch. Brigburn Zenny (Black)
D: Lawnwoods Liquire (Black)


"Australian Champion Majoley Millenium Magic"

Sire: "Lawnwoods Hot N Tot [IMP UK"  

Dam: "Majoley Cracklin Rosie NRD" 

8/3/2000 to 6/9/2004
Photo @ 14 months of age





Sire, Dam & Granddam hold Optigen Normal / Clear (USA) Eye Certificates.

Lightly shown bitch who's show career was cut short due to a long illness in my family.

However she attained her Championship Title with ease and is a fine example of the breed.

She is a joy to own, and is extremely gentle, with her puppies reflecting this in their nature.

 "Magic" died on the 6th September 2004 from Tetanus.
Her vet bill from "The Specialist Center" at North Ryde was $12,500.00, & I would have gladly have paid it again if it had brought her back


Her Specialist Veterinarian Dr Justin Wimpole BVSc wrote the following in his book "FIRST AID FOR DOGS":-

Quote: "For "Magic" Burnley 3rd August 2000 to 6th September 2004."


"Magic was an Australian Show Champion and a Champion in the eyes of all that knew her".
"She lived life to the full and tried her best right until the end, as did her family".
"She is gone but not forgotten" unquote.


Justin added the following foot note:


"Dear Sharan and "Rosie",
"You and "Magic" were an inspiration. I hope that you never have to use any of the information in this book".


Justin Wimpole (+ "Milo" & + "Beetle")


Sire : LAWNWOODS Hot n'Tot (IMP UK) (Chocolate)S: Brandhams Show Stopper (UK) (Black)S: Boothgates Kountry Kraft (Chocolate)
D: Brandhams Hot Choice for Oulsmi (Black)
D: Lawnwoods Hot Fudge at Lynquest (UK) (Chocolate)S: Lougin Lancer (Black)
D: Hurdy Gurdy Lady Choc Chip at Lawnwood (Chocolate)
Dam : MAJOLEY Cracklin Rosie N.R.D. (Black)S: NTL. Retrieving Trial Ch. Bambillay River Sands CM (Yellow)S: Retrieving Trial Ch. Grenada Andy (Yellow)
D: Retrieving Trial Ch. Shanstar Cassie (Yellow)
D: Gunnislake Blueberry (Black)S: Ch. & N.Z. Ch. Balnova Maelstrom (IMP UK) (Black)
D: Ch. Avokah Caramelo (Chocolate)



Sire: "Champion Strangways Billie Black"

Dam: "Champion Millennium Magic"

 27th APRIL 2004 - 1st MARCH 2014 

 "Milo" played a big part in Charlotte Lennox and her Family's life 


is sorely missed by all that knew him he was 

'One of a Kind'



GALLOWAY 14.2 hh



"Milano" was a very special horse, he was one of a kind - having started as a Riding School horse at a South Australian Riding School to become on of the top winning Galloways in NSW in the 1970's.
He was a great friend, a real character & a horse that really put me on the map in the world of "Show Horses"
He won a tremendous number of classes, right through from led classes to Champion Galloway classes to Supreme Champion Hack at a lot of Shows, he won in NSW, Queensland, Victoria & South Australia, & at all Royal Shows, rarely being beaten.
He was a one man horse & hardly misbehaved in the ring, but when he did he made a job of it.

"Mickle" as you were fondly called - you took me to the top, I miss you & hope where ever you are in Horseland you are still number one
There will never be another Galloway like you.
Photo - "Sydney Royal Easter Show" 1970

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